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We have been working with one of our funders, The Jabbs Foundation, to create a report spanning the first five years of our residential facility for women, Dawn House.

Five years ago, we established Dawn House, a residential centre for women leaving prison, with support from The Jabbs Foundation. The intention behind this was to make sure that safe, secure and trauma-responsive accommodation was available for women who were leaving prison, allowing them to rebuild their lives and prevent them facing severe risks to their safety, wellbeing and health.

Through creating this report with Jabbs, we have been able to look at the achievements and learning curves over the past five years, and use these to inform policy and practice with regards to the provisions available for women needing residential services after being involved in the criminal justice system. We hope that what we have learned since first setting up Dawn House will help us to nurture and sustain this much-needed resource for the future!

Read the full report HERE