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Solving housing problems can be difficult, whether you are sleeping rough, trying to escape domestic or sexual abuse or have other complex or financial issues that are holding you back.

Whatever your circumstances, at Anawim, we can help you to find a safe place to live.

Our teams can support you to overcome difficulties with housing applications or tenancies, arrange urgent access to temporary accommodation or a refuge and point you to services you need to prevent you becoming homeless.

Our Outreach team works hard to engage with homeless women, providing them with clothing, food and a hot shower through our drop-in centres or arranging a safe haven to settle in.

Read more about our range of support for housing services below.

How we can help

We understand that you may not have access to the internet or have the confidence, language or reading skills to navigate easily through housing applications and systems. That’s why our friendly teams can support you with this. You can get in touch with us in various ways here

Our drop-in centres provide a place where you can talk through problems face-to-face in the early stages, such as debts, how to claim benefits or if you get behind with your rent, so we can help prevent you from being evicted. 

If you are in a crisis situation, experiencing domestic abuse or are homeless, we can talk to the right people to get you urgent access to a refuge, temporary housing or other suitable accommodation quickly.

Our caseworkers give support for housing but can also link you up to any other help you may need. That could be therapeutic or employability courses, counselling or workshops on money management and problem-solving, with the aim of getting to the root causes of issues. These can all help give you the ability to take control of situations – and prevent you slipping towards homelessness.

We have many women connected to Anawim that have faced similar situations and meeting them at our centres, hearing their stories and knowing that you are not alone can also make a difference in you not feeling so isolated.

This story contains references to homelessness.

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