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At Anawim, most of the women we work with have suffered trauma, violence or abuse at some point in their lives – whether it’s through domestic or financial abuse, sexual trauma, homelessness, mental illness or through involvement with the criminal justice system.

We are here to help you on your personal journey to feeling safer, more settled and in control of your own life – and we do that without judgement, in a caring and respectful way.

Our friendly expert teams know that these experiences can be made worse by job losses, mental illness, low self-esteem, or the lack of money or means to escape an abusive relationship; and that’s why we offer a wide range of support that includes helping you find housing, to get counselling or advocacy support when dealing with official agencies.

All of our courses, counselling and one to one sessions take place at our women’s centre in Balsall Heath, so we do not expect you to travel around the city for different appointments, everything happens here at Anawim. Our women’s centre is women-led, meaning that all of our staff and onsite volunteers are women, and the majority of our board of trustees are women too.

How to contact us

You can contact us directly over the phone, internet and through safe, women-only drop-in services at our centre. Find out more here. Once you have made contact with us we will ask you for further information and work together with you to better understand your situation, your needs and your goals. 

We also take referrals from external agencies and organisations to reach women in need and are keen to hear from you if you have a case to refer. Here’s how to get in touch. Some of the organisations we work with include Women’s Aid, the National Domestic Violence Helpline, the Rape and Sexual Violence project and Change, Grow, Live and other women’s centres nationally. 

Who we support

Anawim is a women’s centre based in Birmingham that provides a holistic service to women over 18 across the city. We welcome and recognise the value and diversity of all of our women, staff, volunteers and trustees including those who are of any age, race, sexuality, religion, disability, occupation and family situation. Anawim is committed to delivering services which are inclusive, accessible and appropriate to the needs of all, irrespective of their background.

We fully support the needs of our transgender residents, service users, volunteers and staff, and are committed to creating an environment where the gender identity of everyone is respected and where all are afforded dignity and equal rights. You can read more about Anawim’s transgender policy here.

We love being part of and representing Birmingham’s diverse demographic and are constantly working to incorporate more inclusion needs for our women, staff, volunteers and trustees. Our aim is to take positive steps to redress discrimination, to improve equality of opportunity and to combat any unreasonable or unfair treatment which places people at a disadvantage for any reasons not directly related to their ability to do the job or to their eligibility to receive services from us.