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For Day 12 of our 16 Days campaign, we’ve compiled some quotes from our amazing staff sharing their thoughts on what Anawim means to them.

“My favorite thing about Anawim is seeing growth in the women our lovely workers support. Women holding other women.” – Joy Doal, CEO

“I enjoy being part of an organisation that works with women to make big changes in their lives and hopefully educates society so that things improve in the future.” – Donna Lewis, COO

“Mostly I love being part of something that empowers women, without judgement and supports women to see how strong and amazing they actually are.” – Sarah Gallagher, Criminal Justice and Mental Health Service Manager

“I enjoy working with truly inspirational women who remind me on a daily basis that anything can be achieved.” – Issha Barr, Mental Health and Wellbeing Service Manager

“There is still a long way to go in the fight for equal rights and a society that listens to and understand the specific needs of women, but it seems like every day we’re getting just that little bit closer.” – Emily Johnson, Fundraising and Communications Manager

“The thing I enjoy most about working for Anawim is the ethos, the women are at the heart of our work.” – Debbie Hickman, Dawn House Residential Manager

“Working with the volunteers and counsellors means that I see their enthusiasm and dedication on a daily basis and I am constantly inspired by them, my colleagues, and the women that we support.” – Hannah Johnson, Volunteering and Counselling Manager

“I love that every day is different at Anawim, as well as it’s ability to adapt and change.” – Gina Graham, Prison and Resettlement Service Manager

“What I enjoy the most about working for Anawim is the opportunity to help make a woman whole, help her realise and know that she is normal and to be a part of the journey that enables women to grow and flourish.” – Rebecca Nobel, Women’s involvement, Progression and Curriculum Coordinator

Need support? Or know someone who might?

Anawim’s specialist female caseworkers are here to support with mental health, finances, housing, families and relationships or anything else.

Our helpline is open on 0800 019 8818 for anyone who identifies as a woman. Alternatively, some women may prefer to use our live chat, which can be accessed by clicking on the orange button in the corner of the screen. These services could be the first step a woman takes to accessing support.

While our own services are specialised for women, everyone has a right to resources that can help. Respect run a free helpline for men who are experiencing domestic abuse on 0808 8010327.

LGBT+ and anti-violence charity Galop provide a national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ domestic abuse helpline on 0800 999 5428.