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Our staff

Joy Doal – Chief Executive Officer

Joy is responsible for Anawim’s strategy and direction and has oversight of the organisation’s whole service and governance. She works closely with Trustees and Commissioners, as well as networks with both Local and Combined authority, Birmingham City Council, the NHS and all of Anawim’s funders. Joy holds an advisory role to Ministry of Justice, along with other national organisations such as Prison Reform Trust and Women in Prison to influence policy-making. In addition, she works jointly with other women’s centres nationally and regionally regarding best practice and policy.

“Before joining Anawim I had been running a safe house for women fleeing forced marriage. One of my residents had been caught up in prostitution through her partner and was really keen for us to reach out to women working on the streets. After this time I applied for a position at Anawim, the rest is history! My favorite thing about Anawim is seeing growth in the women our lovely workers support. Women holding other women.”

Donna Lewis – Chief Operating Officer

Donna oversees the delivery of new and existing services to ensure they are inclusive, safe, workable and effective. She manages Anawim’s Service Managers, working with them to improve policies and procedures. Her responsibilities also include managing our HR Advisor and Centre Coordinator, as well as the Volunteer and Counselling Manager. In addition, Donna works with the CEO to develop strategic plans for Anawim’s sustainability.

“What attracted me to Anawim was listening to the women tell their stories and how dedicated the staff group were to their roles was infectious. Their passion and commitment were evident. I enjoy being part of an organisation that works with women to make big changes in their lives and hopefully educates society so that things improve in the future.”

Emily Johnson – Fundraising and Communications Manager

Emily line manages, supports and motivates the work of the Monitoring and Reporting Officer and the Communications Officer. She is responsible for Anawim’s fundraising through individual giving and through charitable trusts and foundations, including donor engagement, bid writing, managing relationships with funders and ensuring accurate reporting on activities, outcomes and impact. Emily develops new funding opportunities which are in line with our charitable status and strategic objectives whilst working with staff, women and volunteers to bring new ideas to life. In addition, Emily collaborates with the CEO on statutory fundraising and reporting back to Anawim’s board of Trustees.

“As soon as I walked in to Anawim for my interview it felt warm, welcoming and safe. I know that visitors say the same thing when they visit our centre – it’s very unique in that respect. Working for Anawim feels like more than a job; it’s a purpose and a mission. There is still a long way to go in the fight for equal rights and a society that listens to and understand the specific needs of women, but it seems like every day we’re getting just that little bit closer. I’m so proud to be part of Anawim and everything it stands for, and am incredibly excited for our future.”

Hannah Ruff – Finance and Contracts Manager 

Hannah is responsible for the day to day running of Anawim’s accounts, as well as the annual and departmental budgets, managing cash flows, management accounts and preparation of the charity’s financial statements. She conducts financial analysis and produces budget reports, meaning decision making is informed and strategic. Hannah reviews all contracts relating to funding and leases, ensuring they are compliant and in line with Anawim’s ethos.

“I was attracted to Anawim as I have a passion for social justice and I wanted to work for a charity that values every woman and welcomes them without judgement. It was important to me to work somewhere where each woman is recognised as an individual, and is provided with a holistic package of support tailored to her specific needs. I enjoy being based in the centre and seeing first-hand the impact of our work, watching the women evolve in their journeys, celebrating each other’s successes and experiencing deep friendship and support.”

Hannah Johnson – Volunteering and Counselling Manager

Hannah’s role includes the recruitment, supervision, retention and placement of Anawim’s volunteers, ensuring they have a rewarding experience and are fully involved in the organisation. Hannah oversees the counselling service which works alongside IAPT; this involves line managing the Counselling Coordinator and supervising Anawim’s team of counsellors. In addition, Hannah manages Anawim’s Women’s Involvement, Progression and Curriculum Coordinator.

“Having worked in Birmingham’s charity sector for a number of years, I had often heard many positive things about Anawim. As an organisation we support, empower and believe in the women who access the service and this ethos shows through in the amazing work that we do. Working with the volunteers and counsellors means that I see their enthusiasm and dedication on a daily basis and I am constantly inspired by them, my colleagues, and the women that we support.”

Gina Graham – Head of Service Delivery

Gina manages Anawim’s residential facility, Dawn House, overseeing activities, staff procedures and assessing the suitability of potential residents. In addition, Gina maintains relationships with Anawim’s resettlement teams; this includes oversight of our Tampon Tax-funded prison link positions, as part of the Creating Community Connections project, as well as overseeing the work of the accommodation specialist to build productive relationships with the housing sector.

“I have always been interested in the criminal justice system, particularly in relation to the impact and distress women suffer when they receive a custodial sentence. I was aware of the support Anawim offered to women in prison, I believed in their approach to enable change and really wanted to be part of such an inspiring organisation. What I love about Anawim is its ability to adapt and change, as well as the diversity and inclusion of all individuals.”

Iona Clayton – HR Advisor and Centre Manager

Iona is responsible for staff recruitment, maintenance of employee files and supporting the COO with employee relations and performance management projects, including staff training and development. She manages the day-to-day running of the centre, as well as overseeing the WDI Coordinator to ensure safe and smooth running of the Women’s Development Initiative. In addition, Iona offers administrative support to the Board of Trustees to support Anawim in carrying out its governance functions.

“I wanted to work for an organisation whose values and ethos aligned with my own and I felt that Anawim’s approach to providing women’s services where women are empowered in life and are heard and listened to really resonated with me. At Anawim there is never a dull moment, I enjoy the variety that each day brings and working alongside such strong women who genuinely care for the work they do. Being part of an organisation that does so much amazing work makes me very proud and it’s a pleasure to come to work every day.”