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Aminah’s mental health had spiralled out of control. Mounting debts, alcohol dependence and a rocky living situation only worsened all of this and as a result, Aminah had lost contact with her family, and continued to use alcohol as a means of coping. With a history of offending behaviour and chaotic lifestyle which prevented her from getting a job, Aminah was unable to bring any stability into her life in order to move forward.

Upon entering into Anawim’s services, Aminah’s alcohol dependence needed to be reduced before she could apply for benefits and rehabilitative support. Working together with our Mental Health Caseworker, Aminah explored the reasons why she relied so heavily on alcohol and what had caused the family conflict. Working with Change, Grow, Live, Aminah began to stabilise and eventually managed to give up drinking altogether. 

Rebuilding connections was not easy, but once Aminah’s family could see how hard she was working to regain stability, they began to redevelop relationships. Our caseworker helped Aminah to work through some of the debts and understand how to budget, as well as access benefits and apply for housing.

With continued support for mental health, Aminah began to develop the tools to deal with setbacks and although she still experiences challenges, she is now more confident, independent and able to positively move forward, one step at a time. Aminah still maintains communication with Anawim and knows that we will support her for as long as she needs us.