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Claire came to Anawim through one of our police diversion projects. Following a referral to Anawim from police custody, Claire explained to us that she was experiencing abuse at the hands of her partner, who was manipulating her through coercive behaviour. Claire’s partner had been controlling her finances and restricting income, which had resulted in Claire having to shoplift sanitary products, which led to a police arrest. Claire had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, along with depression and anxiety, which had also resulted in the loss of her job. She had become totally dependant on her partner and didn’t know who she could reach out to for help.

We immediately provided Claire with mental health support, as well as essential items such as food, clothing and toiletries. Claire confided in us that she wanted to leave the relationship so we discussed her options and put a plan in place to arrange for temporary accommodation in a safe and secure location.

Once away from her abusive partner, Claire was granted access to benefits and able to manage her own income and live independently. She attended Anawim’s therapeutic courses to address the trauma she had experienced, counselling and art therapy classes. Consequently, Claire began to stabilise her mental health, using new skills she had developed through therapeutic courses at Anawim. Claire is now attending Anawim’s employability skills sessions, working towards applying for volunteer work and supporting in a local care home. Claire has cut off all contact with her abusive ex partner and has not shoplifted or engaged in any other offending behaviour since being referred to Anawim.