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Initially, Kelly struggled to engage with Anawim’s services. She had been referred to our services following an arrest for assault. During her initial assessment, Kelly explained that she had previously experienced domestic violence, which significantly impacted her mental health and crisis response, resulting in the assault. 

Kelly attended Anawim’s Freedom Programme and Healthy Relationships course, both of which provided an opportunity for her to better understand domestic abuse and how it can impact mental health. Both of these courses take place in a group setting and this was the first time that Kelly had been around others who had experienced similar things. She quickly found that sharing her experiences and listening to others helped her regulate her emotions and deal with the way that she felt when challenged. She saw how similarities between their experiences caused some of the same issues in other areas of life and she was able to identify the reasons why she had come to be arrested for an assault.

Kelly also received one to one support to address past traumas through therapeutic interventions and counselling, and her mental health has significantly improved. Kelly hasn’t committed any crimes since and with a stable support plan is now concentrating on improving her mental health with Anawim’s support. She is now in a new, healthy relationship within which she feels safe, cared for and confident.