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While pregnant with her first child, Aliyah was referred to Anawim. She had recently lost her job as a waitress, as the business owner needed to make cuts to save money. As a result of this, Aliyah was no longer able to afford the rent for her flat and was forced to move into a hostel which was not safe for children. With no family nearby and no income, Aliyah was experiencing severe anxiety around the birth and becoming a new mum. 

During Aliyah’s first visit to Anawim, we contacted one of our trusted partner agencies, Elayos, who immediately provided a Doula and started to draw up a support plan for pregnancy, birth and raising the newborn baby. In addition to this, Aliyah enrolled on several Anawim courses, including Parenting, Confidence and Mindfulness. Our Family Support Worker helped Aliyah to access benefits and secured accommodation which would be safer for both mother and child.

All the way through the birth of her baby, Elayos supported Aliyah with advice around pain relief, breastfeeding, and managing anxiety and motherhood.

18 months later, Aliyah and her child are now settled in their new home and Aliyah continues to receive support through Anawim with parenting skills, accessing grants for furniture and help with the baby. Aliyah has also joined Anawim’s art therapy groups and is making new friends through the courses. She is learning how to sew and has so far made a blanket and two dresses for her daughter. Moving forward, Aliyah’s confidence has improved significantly and she is now actively looking to re-enter into employment.