About Us

Anawim became a registered charity in its own right on 1st April 2015 after being project under two charities Our Lady of Charity and Father Hudson's Society.

Our Lady of Charity (OLC)

Our Lady of Charity

OLC started the project back in 1986 with two sisters beginning the work reaching out to the sex workers on the streets of Balsall Heath. OLC is a Catholic congregation of sisters, founded in the 17th century concerned for the women caught up in prostitution. OLC still offer Anawim central support with budgets, finance, management accounts and assisting with financial planning and accountability for proper use of funds. OLC also provides a full time sister, Enda, who heads up the Counselling Service and Street Outreach work.

Father Hudson's Society (FHS)

Our Lady of Charity

FHS came on board to support OLC bringing their experience of running a regional social care voluntary agency delivering fostering, adoption services, services for older people, and adults, projects for people with disabilities and community projects of which Anawim were one. FHS still offer Anawim HR support with recruitment. Andy Quinn. the director of FHS is the Chair of Trustees for Anawim.

Our Staff

We have a team of 27 staff comprising a criminal justice team, a prison and outreach team, money advice specialist, an IDVA, family support worker, an early interventions team and a mental health team. The criminal justice & mental health team work primarily in the centre at Balsall Heath but also support women in the community when required. The prison and outreach team assist women in prison, hostels, on the street and in the community but will also encourage women to attend the Centre if they can benefit from the services it provides. The Family Support team support women at the Centre and in the community. All staff work closely with staff from other agencies both at the Centre and elsewhere, including tutors and probation staff. Three Offender Managers are co-located at Anawim making a Women Offenders Unit.


Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust Comic Relief

Anawim is funded via grants and donations. Our criminal justice work is funded by the Probation Trust, to whom we report regularly on outcomes achieved.

BIG Lottery

The Big Lottery fund support the work we do with women in the community, women in prison and those involved in prostitution. We also receive a mixed range of funding from charitable trusts such as Barrow Cadbury and Tudor Trust.

Barrow Cadbury

We also receive donations from individuals, churches and groups as well as private donations. These smaller donations are invaluable to help our hardship fund us to buy things such as a bus pass for a woman with no recourse to public funds, a pair of pyjamas for a woman in prison or a food parcel.

Tudor Trust

The beneficial effect of enabling women to lead more positive lives is widespread and enduring because of their role and influence in families and in the wider community. We believe that the impact of funding these services for women is both profound and incalculable and are grateful to our funders for their support.

Currently out Domestic Violence support is being funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner. Barrow Cadbury

Collaborative Working

Womens Breakout

Anawim is a member of Women's Breakout, the umbrella organisation for all the women's community projections nationally.

We are also a member of Clinks and CJ Alliance