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When Angela first met one of Anawim’s street outreach workers, she had been involved in prostitution for nearly 7 years. Addicted to heroin and alcohol, she worked to pay for the drugs that she could not be without. Angela had tried to get help in the past but had fallen pregnant with her second child and worried that speaking to an agency would result in the removal of her children. 

Building trust with our Angela took time and through many informal one to one sessions and access to essential items such as toiletries and sanitary products, she felt supported and able to trust Anawim. 

On Angela’s behalf, our caseworker made contact with a reliable drug rehabilitation centre and supported Angela to collect all of the relevant documents and paperwork required. 

She had two children with whom she desperately wanted a better future for, and had been trying to break her addictions for a long time. Being given a place in rehab meant a new chance for Angela, who was absolutely thrilled. A trusted family member offered to look after the children, meaning that she could accept once she was offered a place. 

Angela has since completed an intensive recovery programme and now returned to the community, working to establish new and uplifting social connections, away from her old life. Angela continues to receive one to one support through Anawim and at our women’s centre has made new friends through engaging with courses and social activities. She has stayed away from substances and alcohol since rehab and with our support, continues to work hard at her sobriety. 

Angela’s children are both starting school soon and she is planning to start volunteering at Anawim during the day time, supporting in our Donations Hub and sharing her experiences with new women who are coming into the centre.