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We welcome referrals from individuals or professionals to us here at Anawim.

If you are someone who wishes to self-refer yourself for support to Anawim or a professional who would like to refer someone to us, please use the form on this page and follow the instructions below.


Please note: At the moment we are only able to accept referrals for New Chance and Liaison and Diversion due to capacity. Please monitor this page for updates. Thank you.

Self referrals:

Please make sure you give us as much detail as possible in your referral form so we can tailor support for you. Please provide up to date contact details and instructions on how it is safest to contact you. 

Need help? If you need support filling in the form or have any questions about the support we provide, please call our free helpline on 0800 019 8818.

Professional referrals:

Please ensure you provide contact details for both yourself and the person you are referring to Anawim. 

You must obtain consent of the individual before you make the referral. Include as much detail as possible in the referral form so we can tailor our support for the client. 

If you have any questions about our referral process or the support we provide please call the centre on 0121 440 5296.

The referral process

Please download the referral form and complete it electronically. Once completed, email the form to us at:

On receiving a referral form, it will be processed and assessed to identify the best way for the person referred to receive support. 

The case will then be allocated to a caseworker who specialises in the support needed. This caseworker will then contact the person referred via their preferred method and book an initial appointment. 

On occasion, there will be a short waiting time before support is received. 

What we will do with your information

Read more here about how we will keep your information secure.