Please donate to support services for women and girls today

Thanks to the generosity of key supporters, partners, charitable trusts and foundations, we have been able to grow into the unique women’s charity that we are today, enabling thousands of women to make positive steps in the right direction. 

Anawim has a proven track record of reaching women who are living chaotic and complex lives and who often struggle to access and trust services – providing a wraparound service on the ground. 

Why our approach is cost-effective

Our approach is considerably more cost-effective than the cost of imprisonment and Anawim offers opportunities for women to reach their full potential by encouraging skills development, increased self-esteem and opportunities for growth. 

Read more about our approach and impact here.

As a charity, fundraising underpins all of our core activities and securing funding through grant applications in the current competitive climate is a constant challenge. 

Running costs for our women’s centre are incorporated into all grant applications because without the centre, we cannot provide the safe, trusted space that women so desperately need. 

However, if statutory funding could be provided to sustainably cover our core running costs, we would have increased capacity to focus our fundraising efforts on the individual needs within the community, filling in the gaps for statutory organisations which are overstretched and in short supply. 

Who we want to work with

Anawim is working hard to utilise our resources and generate new income streams, but we still need substantial funding to continue to deliver our vital work in Birmingham. 

We are keen to develop good relationships with trustworthy, compassionate and committed individuals within the NHS, Police, local authority and government in order to create more opportunities to work together.

Working with Anawim means working with a charity with over 30 years’ experience of supporting women involved in the criminal justice system, experiencing abuse and exploitation, struggling with addition and dealing with poor mental health.

How your money can help women in the community

With long term funding – we can make plans for the future, without the constant worry that support for our women will be disrupted, affecting their stability and trust in our service.

With consistent funding – we can implement great service delivery every time, based on experience and knowledge of what works.

With substantial funding – we can reach more women and continue to find ways to shape and improve the service we offer as well as working in partnership with other organisations in Birmingham who are working towards the same goal.

How working with us will help you

By listening to us – you can expand your knowledge and work towards effective and appropriate solutions.

By consulting with us – you can better understand the complexities of our women and their lives, in order to develop services tailored to their specific needs.

By supporting us – you are helping to turn lives around. For women, for families and for the wider community.

Our work on a national level

We are currently working with four other women’s centres as part of the Women’s Budget Group to produce a report which outlines the key costs for women’s centres, to demonstrate to government and local authorities exactly how important their commitment is to ensuring there are enough women’s centres nationally to meet the ever growing demand.

The advantage of a recognised physical centre is demonstrated by our success rates and The Female Offender Strategy (2018) recognises the value of women’s centres and cites Anawim as an example of best practice. 

Statutory funding from NHS England, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and the Ministry of Justice, helps us to provide services for women caught up in the criminal justice system. Women who are in prison, in the community and in forensic mental health units, and may also be suffering with severe mental health issues. 

This includes services like CAMEO at HMP Foston Hall, New Chance, Liaison and Diversion and our Bended Service at Ardenleigh Forensic Mental Health Unit.

The success of these projects is dependent on the vital support that’s  by provided by charitable giving, as well as the wraparound provision offered at Anawim Women’s Centre.