Please donate to support services for women and girls today

Continued support from trusts and foundations provide a lifeline to Anawim so that we can meet the ever-growing needs of women in Birmingham – especially as we’re still a grassroots charity and in need of substantial, multi-year grants to sustain our vital services. 

Grants from trusts and foundations allow us to deliver most of our vital caseworker support for some of the most vulnerable women in our city. But we still need additional support to sustain projects, salaries, centre running costs, and volunteer costs.

The impact your grant makes

You can see the impact your money is having through Anawim’s range of positive outcomes (see our approach and impact page). Anawim’s services range from preventative all the way through to crisis support, and we have evidence to show that our holistic approach is working. We’re able to respond flexibly to new developments and always willing to try new approaches. 

We need your investment to continue on this journey towards ensuring all women in Birmingham can benefit from this level of support.

Reasons to support Anawim

  • We have a proven track record working with larger and smaller charitable trusts and foundations and can be trusted to spend your money wisely, report back on our progress and work together with you to deliver on our shared goals.


  • We need you to spread the word about Anawim, tell others about your experience working with us and the progress you’ve seen our women make during their time at Anawim, which you can read more about here.


  • We share a common goal with you – for women involved in the criminal justice system, for women who have experienced trauma, violence and abuse and for women living in poverty to get the support they deserve and to see them succeed.


  • We need to work together to see women and children moving towards a brighter future, and to keep our doors open for as long as they need us.


  • Why not drop in and meet some of our women, staff and volunteers at the centre to find out more about what we do. You can arrange a visit, or get in touch to discuss supporting Anawim’s services by contacting us here.
This story contains references to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, domestic abuse and police custody

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