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Here at Anawim, our caseworkers can offer you support around relationships, families and parenting, in particular for pregnant women and mothers. 

We know that unhealthy relationships and family tensions can hugely affect your mental health and emotional strength but you can benefit hugely by improving your relationship with family, friends, professionals and partners.

We can help you, whether it is improving the situation with a partner or your children or wider family pressures over cultural, religious or sexuality issues. 

We also believe that by helping you to have higher levels of self-esteem and increased confidence, you are better equipped to decide on suitable partners and make lifestyle choices that are healthy and uplifting. 

How we help

There’s a range of support for you to tap into at Anawim for various situations in your life.

For women who are stuck in a cycle of unhealthy relationships, Anawim offers courses such as Healthy Relationships and Mindfulness. Our courses aim to help women to feel more confident, learn how to recognise the signs of unhealthy relationships, and to make positive choices.

For pregnant women and new mothers, Anawim offers specialised pregnancy support and opportunities to develop new skills and increase confidence around parenting, including on help with managing your money and looking after yourself. 

If you are experiencing difficulties with older children, you can get support with behaviour, conflict resolution and how to strengthen relationships. By helping at the earliest stage, we encourage healthy relationships and enable families to thrive. 

We offer services for those who are struggling with consent, boundaries, assertiveness and managing reactions.

There is also support available for anyone dealing with the removal of their children from the home. If your children have been adopted or placed into foster care, we can help you to address this and the reasons that led to it. We’ll work together to develop new skills which may improve your chances of regaining contact, or learning to recover after loss and separation.

Our Family Support worker can offer help towards employment, access to housing, resolving debts and long term stability for you and your children. If needed, we are also happy to work with other professionals like social services, family services and child protection. We sometimes accompany our women to hospital appointments or court dates, and understand the importance of having a trusted, familiar face by your side. 

This story contains references to childhood trauma, removal of children, drug use, a car accident, mental health and abusive relationships.

Noreen’s Story

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We can also help you with:

  • Recovery after loss and separation (bereavement or after the removal of children)
  • Legal advice through our partner solicitors
  • Navigating courts processes and formal requirements in order to get children back
  • Facilitating supervised contact in our creche
  • Linking back in with family members after time apart, unresolved issues or time in prison
  • Arranging prison visits for family members
  • Conflict in the home, challenging relationships or any form of abuse, such as domestic abuse and coercion

Cultural and religious family tensions

Not meeting family expectations, whether they are cultural, religious or related to your sexuality or marriage, can lead to difficulties in the home and affect your mental health. 

Sometimes, these can veer towards emotional abuse or coercive control and you may need support in dealing with these or having somewhere to turn.

Anawim provides a non-judgmental shoulder of support, whether you want to talk through how you are feeling or seek a more permanent solution.

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