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The 25th November is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It also kick started our 16 Days of Activism Campaign.

Up until the 10th December, we uploaded a new article each day discussing topics relating to violence against women, from media coverage to warning signs.

The aim of this campaign is not only to increase awareness, but also to change the narrative around gender-based violence. To fight a problem, we must first understand it.

Please remember that if you are experiencing any type of violence or abuse, you can contact our free, confidential helpline on 0800 019 8818 to speak with a specialist female caseworker. We’re here no matter what you need support with, whether it’s coping with trauma, mental health, finances, housing, families and relationships or anything else.

Don’t want to pick up the phone? That’s absolutely fine. You can also access our live chat by clicking on the orange button in the corner of the screen.

Day 1. How can we respond to domestic abuse during Covid?

Day 2. What is financial abuse?

Day 3. Trauma-informed support for women experiencing homelessness

Day 4. What is coercive control?

Day 5. Reflecting on media reporting of domestic violence

Day 6. The link between mental health and experiences of abuse

Day 7. Why we need specialist services for women experiencing sexual violence

Day 8. Online abuse marked by sexism and misogyny 

Day 9. Women in prison are often victims of far more serious crimes

Day 10. Employers have a responsibility to employees experiencing domestic abuse

Day 11. Celebrating strength during challenging times

Day 12. What is it like working for a Women’s Centre?

Day 13. Self-care is vital when engaging with challenging topics

Day 14. Appreciating the invaluable work of volunteers

Day 15. Sustainable funding for Women’s Centres

Day 16. How can women access our services?