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We have been working with Anna since July. When we first came across Anna, she was in prison awaiting release with no fixed accommodation in place. She was referred to our Prison Resettlement team, who worked hard to ensure she was placed in our Dawn House facility for her safety and security post-prison. 

Once settled in Dawn House, Anna was enrolled on several of our emotional and practical wellbeing courses, and as a result of growing trust in our staff, began to work on her confidence. She was also able to talk through any problems or worries about relapsing into substance misuse and received constant support and care. Her experience of Dawn House as being ‘a big world under one roof”, as someone with little experience of a support network before and during her time in prison, mobilised her to stay clean and seek support whenever she needed it.

As a result of her time at Dawn House, Anna has been able to work on her personal relationships, including spending time with her children unsupervised during visits. She is excited and positive about the next steps in her life, and continues to receive ongoing support from Anawim.