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Julie was referred over to Anawim following an arrest, with the aim of diverting her away from police custody. She had been arrested for shoplifting and as a result, also suspended from her role as a cleaner. During her initial assessment at Anawim it became apparent that Julie was suffering with depression and anxiety, so we drew up a support plan which was tailored to her specific needs. 

As a result of losing her job, Julie’s mental health spiralled and the fear of also losing her home and children caused Julie to begin having panic attacks. Every time she tried to come into Anawim she would experience another panic attack, leaving her too scared to leave the house. Our caseworker and a volunteer made several home visits and worked together with Julie to create a coping strategy and reduce her anxieties. We secured access to benefits and eventually Julie felt able to attend Anawim, enrolling on courses to address anxiety such as Mindfulness and our Confidence Course.

We also accompanied Julie to GP appointments and Julie was prescribed medication to help manage her mental health, significantly reducing the panic attacks, which subsequently meant that she could start to think about finding work again. Julie was keen to go back into employment and managed to secure a new job as a cleaner within a short time. She continues to attend our courses and counselling and although she still experiences challenges with mental health, she is much more settled and able to make healthy, uplifting choices. Julie has expressed her gratitude to Anawim for intervening and preventing her from committing any more crimes, and she intends to move forward with her life in a positive way.